Pop Up Yoga Paris is a movement bringing people from all-over together through one practice creating community.

We laugh, share, work hard, & hang out.

We are a support that is a constant in an ever changing world. We work together to build the best versions of ourselves, through ourselves, together.

We are bilingual - so no worries ;)

"This is how we do: Nobody do it like we do, so show us some love"


Dynamic CHAKRA Flow:

Cole’s personal creation: Applying Calisthenics movement principals to classic Hatha poses, Dynamic CHAKRA Flow is choreographed using Vinyasa Flow sequencing. Classes are designed in kramas , sanskrit for levels, offering all versions of all poses allowing for both beginners and advances practitioners to participate. This transition-based flow is an active, cardio-vascular, muscle-toning & flexibility enhancing practice is designed to exert you physically to reduce the amount of disruptions from physical agitations and mental "noise" disturbances that tend to arise during prolonged meditation practices. And hey, you'll get some muscles out of it too ;)

Be prepared to *S W E A T* then go home and sleep like a baby !


Goddess Flow: 

Newly developed complimentary class to our coined style, Dynamic CHAKRA Flow, practice introduces a gentle flow warm-up focusing on deep, pranayamic breathing with fluid sequencing. Tapping into our *s h a k t i* energy, class helps to open the hips, hamstrings, and heart. Classes are designed to be a moving meditation with repetitive sequencing allowing you to flow more fluidly without thought, clearing the mind and opening the body through the breath.  Guided meditation at closing leading to savasana. This is our discrete, deceptively intense flow practice - slow, steady, transition focused.

 Caution: you will also *s w e a t*, a lot (and sleep like a baby).

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